Reinforcement Kraft Paper Tape

100% Biodegradable & Compostable in nature, reinforcement paper tape is loved for its extra superior strength, durability, and reliability.

Our reinforced Kraft Paper tape is fortified by fiberglass yarn to meet the demands of heavy packaging needs.

That makes it ideal for heavy duty and high-volume storage, packaging, moving, shipping, and sealing.

  • Glass fibres for extra strength and resistance
  • Activate with water and affix to cartons
  • Resistant to temperature and humidity variations


Climate Proof

This tape is highly resistant to any variations in temperature and humidity – making it ideal for exporting consignments both locally and abroad.


Easy To Use

Getting it to work is simple, all you have to do is activate it with water before affixing it to your packaging container, creating a highly secure seal.

This type of water-based tape is reinforced, making it difficult to puncture and impossible to rip. Much like glue, it adheres to surfaces no matter how much pressure is applied.


Robust and Reliable

The tape itself has a water-based chemical adhesive which bonds securely to the surface of your boxes. This capillary action adheres the tape to the package, making the bond permanent and incredibly hard to break without the use of tools such as scissors.


Tamper Evident

Once the tape is attached, any attempts to tamper with or manipulate the gummed paper tape will not only prove very difficult, but also result in obvious damage to the packaging container or carton.


Strong and Sustainable

Unlike its plastic competitors, reinforcement Kraft paper tape is stronger and better for the environment.

Traditional plastic tapes are sensitive to pressure and easy to puncture in transit and handling, increasing the risk of damaged goods.


Low Waste, High Protection

With this tape being so strong and durable, you need to use comparably less to get the same result as triple taping with traditional plastic tape. These savings contribute to reducing waste and reduce your expenses.